Welcome, Agent. The situation in Amsterdam has escalated. Agent 19, previously leading the extraction mission, has gone dark. More importantly, the device she was tasked to recover is in the wind. We need all agents ready immediately, but we need you, specifically, to help locate her. We've set you up with this remote terminal tunneled to her laptop — but you'll have to investigate her files to hack your way into 19's account login, and find her last logged location. Once you have her coordinates, use the 'beacon' command to turn on her remote distress signal so we can send a team in to recover her. If successful, it'll unlock the mission debrief, save your fellow agent, and you'll be rewarded with the option of contacting HQ for your pick of future field assignments. - - - - - Your last known login was 2m ago from IP address: Type help at any time to see a list of available commands.